Feline Behaviour Counselling

Cats are amazing creatures and have only been domesticated for around 5000 years - a relatively short time compared with at least 15,000 years that it is thought dogs have been associated with us. They still retain most the behavioural traits and needs of their African Wildcat ancestors and this can sometimes result in problems and misunderstandings when they are brought to live in our domestic households. Common problems include house soiling, scratching furniture, fighting, aggression, overgrooming, fearfulness etc.   When dealing with a cat's behaviour problem, it is important to get your cat checked over by the Vet to make sure that they are not in  pain or suffering from a medical condition which may be affecting them. This is especially important if it is a sudden change of habits or behaviour. 

Feeling safe in and around the home is a very important thing for cats. This is why they rub themselves on furniture, leave scratch marks and spray to leave scent which defines their territory and wards off other cats.  They do not tolerate changes well and can get very stressed, resulting in many of the behaviour problems which arise. Territorial invasion such as a strange cat coming in the garden, or the arrival of a new pet can cause a cat to become fearful, and even environmental changes such as a new carpet in the house, or the arrival of a new baby in the family with all the new scents associated with that can be very upsetting for them.

If you are having a problem with your cat and need some help, give me a call on 07599 794734 or email via the link freshstartpbt@gmail.com to arrange a Home Visit. This will allow me to see the cat in his or her own environment and look at what can be done to improve things. A Feline Home Visit package costs £95.00 - I would be with you for about 2 hrs and the price includes a follow up 1 hr visit after 1 month, a written report and telephone/email support to help keep things on track inbetween. Paypal payments can be done via the On-line Store   I am with you for 2-3hrs to allow me to look at what can be done to help.

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